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A lookback at E3 games: Super Mario 3D World

We may have seen Mario a lot lately but boy, am I excited for Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. The 3DS version, Super Mario 3D Land, was an excellent new entry into Nintendo's platforming series and I'm happy to see the next one on their home console in delicious, crisp High Def. My first impression is that four player co-op (with Peach!) is a great addition and the fact that all the characters play differently is icing on the cake. The cat suit seems a little strange but looks like a fun ability all the same. New Super Mario Bros U is great but I'm glad to see a more 3D Mario. I can imagine that this is more of an "in-between" game, meaning we're still waiting for a proper entry in the vein of Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy, but I think this is a good way to please those fans who are eager to see what Nintendo has in store for us.


by Alistair Baxter on Jun 19, 2013


E3 is over - Sony wins, probably, and everyone's still hating the Xbox One


So it's come and gone. Every year, this giant news source drops a boatload of content onto fans' shoulders, and leaves us to sort through the mess. In the coming weeks, we're going to take a look at some of the things that might have been overshadowed by the major console news.

For now, here's a quick recap of the biggest stuff with Microsoft and Sony, in case you missed it!


E3 2013 Press Conferences

The day of E3 press conferences ended with a bang thanks to Sony's strong showing. We saw the console, got the price ($399, lower than Xbox's $499), nice announcements (Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV (formerly Versus XIII)), and support for indie developers!

Tomorrow, the adventure continues with Nintendo's video presentation.

Join Bosskey on IRC during E3 one of several ways:

  • Download an IRC client (like Chatzilla, Adium, or mIRC), and go to #bosskey on
  • Visit this link directly and just enter your name to join: Mibbit link!


by Joshua Whitman on Jun 10, 2013


Link to the Past sequel announced for 3DS to be released holidays this year

Today, at a Nintendo Direct presentation, Link to the Past 2 was unveiled as a 3D graphics enhanced traditional Zelda game. This is the first time we've had a new game of this kind since Minish Cap.

A year ago, Miyamoto commented on the idea of a remake to the SNES classic Link to the Past, saying that he'd much rather see a follow-up title than a simple 3D-ification of the classic. Of course, for news starved Zelda fans, any news is good news.

Turns out, follow-up means sequel! The new game will utilize its new platform in some unique ways — while predominantly a "2D" game, the player can shift perspective by becoming a drawing on a wall, and move within the third dimension to solve puzzles. There will also be new layers of depth, heightened by the 3D effects of the device. 3DS owners can find a 3D enabled video demonstrating these features later today on the 3DS eshop.

In other Zelda news, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages will be available on the 3DS store May 30, complete with game-linking features. Huzzah!


Transcript of Zelda talk at Nintendo Direct presentation: HD Wind Waker due Fall, Wii U Zelda will "rethink conventions"

This morning at 9 AM EST, Satoru Iwata addressed the general public on the future of the Wii U. Along with a decent amount of news, we learned that a new Zelda that "rethinks conventions of Zelda" is in development. Also, an HD Wind Waker will come this Fall.

On the full page version of this article, you can see a direct transcript of the English translation of Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma's presentation, as well as Iwata's follow-up remarks.

Most notable of the details revealed are that the new Zelda will revisit ideas like linearity in dungeon completion and the idea of playing alone. If they're willing to make Zelda a multiplayer game (beyond, perhaps the extend of Four Swords), we may be in for something legitimately new. There is also some mention by Iwata that we will get to see some of the challenges the Zelda team will face soon, as in an Iwata Asks, though this could be a mistake of language.

As for the Wind Waker HD release, it sounds like the game will be adapted to the Wii U control scheme and potentially given a slightly-more-than-cosmetic overhaul on the level Ocarina of Time received with its 3DS release. My only fear is that the true beauty of Wind Waker may be lost behind bloom effects and soft lighting as seen in the released screenshots (which are not necessarily of the HD remake, but rather of a test case put together by the Zelda team while experimenting with Wii U hardware).


Pokémon X & Y announced for worldwide October 2013 release

This morning Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced two new entries into the Pokémon series: Pokémon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS, coming October 2013 worldwide! For the first time in the franchise's history, there is a simultaneous (or near-simultaneous) release date for most major markets. For a text-heavy RPG, this will be a great accomplishment of localization. Hearing this news was well worth my waking up early.

The announcement is unusual for the quantity of information we were given. Rather than the usual slow trickle of title, followed by vague screenshots and silhouettes of new Pokémon, we had a full trailer showing gameplay, starters, and version-exclusive legendaries. There is a lot of room for speculation in said trailer, and I have a few ideas.

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Wii U Launch Titles announced; 23 games to be released day one

Among the games listed for launch day are Scribblenauts Unlimited, ZombiU, Epic Mickey 2, Just Dance 4, Darksiders 2, Assassin's Creed 3, and previously announced New Super Mario Bros U and NintendoLand. Those games still listed as "launch window" (between launch and March) are Pikmin 3, the Wonderful 101 (previously Project P-100), LEGO City Undercover, Game & Wario, and Mass Effect 3.


by Joshua Whitman on Sep 26, 2012


Wii U Launch details announced; November 18 in NA, November 30 in EU

The Wii U will launch before Thanksgiving, with at least New Super Marios U and Nintendo Land as launch titles. Two SKUs are available at $299 and $349, the latter of which adds cradles/stands, Nintendo Land, access to a premium service, and slightly more base storage. "Launch Window" games have been confirmed through March, but no firm word has been given on launch titles beyond Nintendo's two. Bayonetta 2 was also announced as a Wii U exclusive. A new service that incorporates the Wii U with digital distribution and cable services was also announced exclusively for North America.


by Joshua Whitman on Sep 13, 2012