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E3 is over - Sony wins, probably, and everyone's still hating the Xbox One


So it's come and gone. Every year, this giant news source drops a boatload of content onto fans' shoulders, and leaves us to sort through the mess. In the coming weeks, we're going to take a look at some of the things that might have been overshadowed by the major console news.

For now, here's a quick recap of the biggest stuff with Microsoft and Sony, in case you missed it!


E3 2013 Press Conferences

The day of E3 press conferences ended with a bang thanks to Sony's strong showing. We saw the console, got the price ($399, lower than Xbox's $499), nice announcements (Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV (formerly Versus XIII)), and support for indie developers!

Tomorrow, the adventure continues with Nintendo's video presentation.

Join Bosskey on IRC during E3 one of several ways:

  • Download an IRC client (like Chatzilla, Adium, or mIRC), and go to #bosskey on
  • Visit this link directly and just enter your name to join: Mibbit link!


by Joshua Whitman on Jun 10, 2013


Next Mass Effect will use Frostbite engine

In a blog post from Bioware Montreal, the team responsible for the next Mass effect under series executive producer Casey Hudson, stated that they would be using EA's proprietary next-gen engine Frostbite for the next game in the Mass Effect series. The next Mass Effect will not continue Commander Shepard's story, and has no known release details as of yet. Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will also be using Frostbite.


by Joshua Whitman on Nov 12, 2012


EA E3 2012 Press Conference Live Blog

EA's conference is next, starting at 1 pm PST, or 4 pm EST. They have a lot of games to show this year, ranging from Dead Space 3 to new IPs like Overstrike. Click "Keep reading" to see the live blog! Next after this is Ubisoft at 3 PM PST, 6 pm EST.

You can find a live stream of the conference here.

The live blog will start 15 minutes prior to the presentation. People with icons are those that will be posting news during the conference, so pay attention to them if you aren't watching the video. If you'd like to comment, don't forget to put in your name! Your comments are screened until a moderator gives you free access, after which point you can post as though it were a chat.


E3 2012 expectations, predictions, and japery

Held this year June 5 to 7 in LA, E3 2012 is probably the last E3 we'll have that focuses primarily on the current generation of consoles. It's a momentous event that always changes the landscape of game discussion, even if it tends to accomplish little on its own.

The potential for self-parody present on every public stage is one of E3's most entertaining aspects. Executives, hired talent, and developers appeal to fans with varying levels of charisma. Such antics have contributed to the fame of Nintendo's teddy bear monster executive Reggie Fils-Aime, among others.

This year's convention has a lot of potential for exciting news. Nintendo will be detailing their new console, for one. New handhelds 3DS and Vita will have to prove their longevity with interesting release lineups. The other companies will be sharing their closing lineups for what might be this console generation's last big holiday cycle.