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Moving on from Bosskey

Bosskey has been a success. And now, it is time to move on. We set out to create great content and a great community, and we did. My thanks go not only to those of you who helped build this site, but also to those of you who have contributed content, posted replies, or read our content. Thank you all.

Bosskey will remain online far into the foreseeable future as an archive of the great work done here. The rest of this post is dedicated to listing how you can keep track of the amazing contributors Bosskey has had. Many are creating new content all the time, and you should check it out! Keep following the Bosskey Facebook page for announcements of new projects from these wonderful people!

Alistair Baxter

Contributor. Ali is currently working on a webcomic and art site, coming soon!

Andy Billings

Contributor. Andy is in a band called The Midnight Fire
Youtube: The Midnight Fire | Facebook: The Midnight Fire

Dante Buccieri

Contributor. Dante is now a writer for Rhymes With Geek.
Rhymes with Geek | Twitter: @IndigoLantern

Brandon Deichler

Twitter: @BrandonDeichler

Jonas Loman (Platonist)

Contributor and music guru. Jonas is currently working on some really exciting music.
Facebook (solo): Jonas Loman Official | Facebook (label): Reunion Net Label | SoundCloud: Platonist

Justin Moore (OnePark)

Twitter: @JustinianFlynn | Tumblr:

Zoë Moss and Jacob Strick

Webcomic creators and Disneyland excursionary specialists. Jacob and Zoë run a webcomic and make art in animation, film, and beautiful words.
Webcomic: Pizza Day Comics
Zoë's art: Brainfarto | Zoë's tumblr: | Zoë's Twitter: @zoeemoss
Jacob's website: Internet White Knight | Jacob's Twitter: @woxel1

Aubree Portune (Sintar)

Tumblr: | deviantART | Flickr: Aubree Portune

Eric Proctor (TsaoShin)

Logo and promotional artist.
deviantART: | Facebook: Tsaoshin Fans | Tumblr:

Suzanne Rozier

Programmer and co-founder.
Website: | Twitter: @suzubara

Mickey Thaler

Editor and contributor.
Twitter: @mithaler

Joshua Whitman

Founder and editor-in-chief. I'm currently working on a writing project - more info coming soon!
Tumblr: | Twitter: @joshura

This is not a comprehensive list at the moment, and will grow with time. To all of those that have fallen out of contact: I miss you, and you're awesome, and thank you.


To celebrate our first anniversary, Bosskey 2.0!

One year ago today, we officially launched Bosskey. And to celebrate, we are delivering to you a new and improved website!

This is Bosskey 2.0. The website has undergone major improvements, some more obvious than others. Overall, things will run more smoothly and look prettier! As always, send your endless praise to our developer Suzanne, who's been working tirelessly to make this update possible. Look forward to a few more things and bug fixes coming in the next week or so. Check the development thread in the coming days for more details.

Also from today, we've revised our mission statement. The focus of our articles is shifting in a way that should provide you with more unique and interesting content more regularly.

Bosskey entertains and informs its users at the whims of its content-creators. Writers write about what they like, which often includes content related to video games, TV & movies, comics, and other popular media. The forums and blog posts are meant for a community to enjoy itself casually, and for its members to feel at home among people of like minds.

We love our community, and want you to enjoy yourselves while you're here. That's the goal of our content, and that's the goal of this update, and that's what I hope you'll hold us to.

As the site moves onward, we'll be advertising to new user bases and syndicating our content much more often. You'll notice a return to regular updates, more interesting content, and a few new writers! As always, we take on all comers, so if you're interested in writing, we'd love to have you.

Thank you for your continued support, all!


Bosskey Updates June 2nd

Hey everyone! I just want to direct your attention to some recent site updates that should make all of our lives a little easier.

Most importantly, our syndication options have been fleshed out! The RSS feed is now fully functional and waiting to be used for your convenience. If you prefer to keep track of our updates over Twitter, there's a Bosskey account there as well. Follow us, subscribe to us, do whatever! You can also find these links in the sidebar, which is of course also home to our Facebook information. Like us! These tools should make it easier for you to keep track of our E3 updates starting today with Nintendo's pre-E3 shindig.

There's a variety of other small changes and fixes including the implementation of the thread rating system. This should allow users an easier means to sort threads by how useful and/or interesting they are. So, if you think a thread is particularly well executed, say you like it! Or, say you don't if you think it could be improved. There's tweaks coming to this system in the future, so we're always open to your opinions.

Check the full list of updates here, or let us know what you think should come in the next round here! Have a beautiful day!


Bosskey's E3 Plans

E3 steadily approaches, taking place next week starting Monday. This annual event is a nucleus around which game industry news revolves. Members of the industry are bracing themselves for the massive amount of information that will shift the focus of game conversations towards the future. Fans everywhere are getting more and more excited as they anticipate exciting news.

But, E3 is more than the conversation, more than the news - it's a truly global community event. With most of the major press conferences streamed live, people across the world can share the experience of being the first to see new, important news. With this unity of information, fans eagerly gather for discussion, wanting to share their laughter, their joy, or their anger.

Bosskey plans to serve that discussion. Starting next Monday at 9:30 am Pacific time (UMT -8), we will be hosting our own live blogs during each press conference. Our live blog will contain a steady stream of news as it comes in from the conference, as well as a means for readers and viewers to provide their own commentary instantly. Those of you unable to watch the events as they occur can keep up with not only the news, but the Bosskey community's reactions. After each conference concludes, the entire log will be saved, providing an easy means to keep track of each announcement and/or the reactions of the Bosskey community.

Keep reading for more details and a schedule of conferences/live blogs.


Bosskey, post-launch, pre-notoriety

Hello all! Bosskey is a new site, and as a new site, it's still finding its bearings in the world.

Bosskey's regular writers are people who have something to say, enough knowledge of their topic to say it with authority, and a dynamic writing style. A love for their subject matter is what brings them to us, and a desire to share their thoughts keeps them around.

If you are a person who wants to become a better writer, and/or you have a love of nerdy things, perhaps you'd fit in as a writer at Bosskey! We are looking for people who can commit to one article a week, with some allowance for delays that will get more flexible as time goes on.

As we move forward, you may see some slight adjustments to our direction, but never to our mission. The way we approach our goals shifts as we learn new things and meet new people. Keep in mind that the site is still in active development, so occasionally there will be new features for you to utilize and enjoy.

Just yesterday, we added the "news blurb" format, which is designed to offer a quick look at important news topics relevant to your interests! When big news is reported, we'll post a quick summary, including all the most important facts, and we'll provide a source URL where you can read more. This is meant to keep everyone on the same page if they haven't had the chance to keep up with other news outlets.

Contact me, Josh, at if you're interested in writing. Or, you can find me on Facebook.

The header image is Unstompable Force by TsaoShin.


We're back from Anime Boston!

Hey, everyone! This past weekend, Bosskey administrators Suzanne and myself were staff at Anime Boston. We spent the whole convention mingling with guests and talking to people about Bosskey. These are exciting times for sure.

It's even possible you're here now because you found out about our little site at Anime Boston! If you are, welcome! Everyone at the Bosskey community is really excited to have you.

Bosskey is a community! We are nerds, or geeks, whichever you prefer. This is no ordinary site, either. We use our own custom software, built with hundreds of hours of work, where every feature has been carefully considered to make the best possible site for our users. We have users on our mind at every stage as we continue to develop and hone the software to meet your needs.

And that's what you can expect from Bosskey, in a nutshell. We hope everyone can find something to enjoy here, but mostly, we hope you can all enjoy each other as we come together under the common banner of "nerddom."

Stick around, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our RSS, check back on a daily basis for new posts and new friends! In the next few days, you can look forward to a whole bunch of new articles!


Welcome to Bosskey!

Welcome, one and all! This is Bosskey, a blog and forum for nerdy people, covering topics of interest to a wide range of such people.

As more and more people come into our midst in the coming weeks, I’d like to be perfectly clear about what the site is. To that end, we have a “mission statement,” as in, a carefully written statement of the “perfect state” of the site. What are we about?

Bosskey brings thoughtful discussion to games, TV & movies, comics, and other popular media. It is a community-driven website built to encourage thought-provoking conversations and a friendly atmosphere. Bosskey writers, artists, and editors provide high-grade, informed, and/or humorous content on a regular basis as enthusiasts of popular media. Bosskey users can enjoy a wide variety of new content in the forums and blog daily.

It’s pretty simple, really. We just want people to enjoy themselves. There’s a learning process we, the staff, are going through right now as we get our bearings. The site will constantly improve as development continues. As time goes on, we will become better and better, in content and in execution.

As you read this now, unless you’ve navigated your way back here from a far off future, you’re witnessing the ground level of something awesome.

We’re really excited to have you here, and it is our greatest hope that you’ll find something here in the content that will bring you back tomorrow and the next day ad infinitum.

To all those who’ve helped us get this far, I offer my sincere thanks. To Suzanne, our wonderful programmer and co-creative lead for the site, I offer the greatest hyperbolic expression of gratitude money can’t buy. May the might of a thousand suns carry on her work in perpetuity.

And thank you! If you’re reading this, thank you. I hope you enjoy yourself!