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Diablo 3 release is around the corner - how about that real money auction house?

Diablo 3 comes out May 15 for PC and Mac after years of development and a decade of anticipation by fans of its predecessor. People everywhere are excited for what has already promised to be a fun game experience. The response from beta players and preview reporters has been extremely positive, as one would expect from a game with this kind of legacy.

On top of the elements included or adapted as a continuation of the franchise, the game will feature a player-supplied auction house that can use real money to facilitate the buying and selling of earned items among players. Players can actually earn money from the game!

Blizzard has stated that their involvement with the money transferred in this process would be minimal. In a recently published FAQ, they’ve revealed that their cut is $1 on equipment, and 15% on commodities, with a max bid for a single listing set at $250. The deduction is made only if the listing sells, after which point players can either deposit the money into their Paypal or similar service at an additional 15% fee (increasing Blizzard’s cut), or keep the money in their Blizzard wallet forever. There is currently no mention of a previously stated intention to allow a certain number of free auctions a week.

Worth it? Perhaps.

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