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About this site...


What is this place?

It's BOSSKEY, a blog and forum for games, TV & movies, comics, and other popular media.

We like nerdy things, so we write about nerdy things.

Who made Bosskey?

Suzanne Rozier and Joshua Whitman are the driving forces behind the site. These two nerds met at Vassar College, where they became deeply involved with a nerd-focused student organization called the NSO.

A year after graduating, in spring of 2011, they decided their pursuit of nerd entertainment and community should not be limited to a college setting. With Suzanne’s skill and experience working in the world of web development and Josh’s good looks, together they built everything about this website to be exactly what it needs to be.

Interesting! Tell me more. I'm definitely paying attention

Bosskey is run on a custom content management system (CMS) built singlehandedly by Suzanne using the CodeIgniter framework. That means everything you see was programmed from near-scratch! All of this site’s features were deliberately included, designed, and tweaked to match the projected needs of the site’s users. Development continues as the site grows, with new features added regularly, all in pursuit of the best possible user experience. We’re always open to suggestions, so please tell us about your ideas!

Of course, the site is more than its software. The software bolsters our content, with handy features like an editing queue and a revision-based critique system for writers. Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds with the goal of providing a unique perspective on topics you don’t often hear about from bigger sites. Our primary goals are to entertain and to create discussion.

Fancy mission statement

Bosskey entertains and informs its users at the whims of its content-creators. Writers write about what they like, which often includes content related to video games, TV & movies, comics, and other popular media. The forums and blog posts are meant for a community to enjoy itself casually, and for its members to feel at home among people of like minds.

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— the Bosskey Staff